Guitober – a celebration and appreciation of Guitar during the tenth month of the year at Brookline Music School.

“By Golly, I wish it was always Guitober!”

Guitabulous – an exuberant exclamation.

“That concert was Guitabulous!”

GuiPumpkins – Halloween pumpkins with guitar carvings.

“Let’s go carve GuiPumkins and then roast their seeds!”

GuiDancing – movement occurring while listening to amazing guitarists.

“When I heard that rhythm, I couldn’t stop GuiDancing.”

GuiPractice – The study of guitar.

“I’d like to hang out and play video games, but I have to get back to my GuiPracticing.”

GuiBummer – A guitar related letdown

“I was really wanted that guitar solo to go on longer – what a GuiBummer”

Guitastic – High praise.

“Excellent job with that arpeggio, it was Guitastic!”

Guitorchestra – a guitar ensemble of massive proportions.

“We need to put together a Guitorchestra!”

Guitarextravaganza – A an event full guitar-related activities.

“Guitober really is a Guitarextravaganza!”

Guitnight – an expression of farewell

“Guitnight Moon.”

Guitexcited – excessively affected emotionally for the guitar

“I’m so Guitexcited to some live music tonight!”

GuiPizza  РGuitar Shaped Pizza

“OMG! ¬†I need some GuiPizza Stat!”

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